June 2016 Flood Recovery Program

The State will fund two separate programs which focus specifically on housing repair and rehabilitation. The first, West Virginia Housing Restoration Program (WV-HRP) will provide grants for repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction or acquisition of single-family owner-occupied homes that have been destroyed or damaged by the severe storms of 2016. The second, West Virginia Rental Assistance Program (WV-RAP) will provide grants for reconstruction or rehabilitation of small rental properties (1-4 units) that has been destroyed or severely damaged by the storms of 2016 and have not been occupied.

The State is coordinating with WV VOAD to administer the Bridge Home Program for the disaster declared counties to fund the cost of repair or reconstruction of privately owned bridges. Given the State’s rugged and rural landscape, many homes have only one access point via private roads with bridges. With a substantial amount damaged or destroyed by the severe storms, West Virginia VOAD is also mitigating bridges to protect from future disasters.

Through the West Virginia Housing needs assessment the state identified a further need for Multifamily housing following the severe storms of 2016, and has partnered with the West Virginia Housing Development Fund to implement the RISE West Virginia Multifamily Rental Housing Program. This will allow developers to build new affordable multi-family projects consisting of 5 units or more, in the disaster most impacted and distressed counties.

One of our hardest hit communities, Clendenin WV is home to the Clendenin School, now called: Riverview, which includes low income apartments and a community clinic serving the tri-county area. Through the CDBG-DR Grant funding, the State will coordinate the Riverview Restoration Program. This includes the Riverview renovations needed for the onsite property, and will coordinate with WVHDF to bring 8 apartment units back up and running on an offsite property.

Funds for Economic Development will be awarded in the form of grants to be used for community economic improvements in the four most impacted and distressed counties. These funds will be used in support of residential communities that cannot fully recover and grow without businesses returning to the community. All projects will be scored by the WVDO and will be awarded to eligible units of local governments.

The purpose of the RISE West Virginia Clearance and Demolition Program is to remove structures damaged beyond repair by the June 2016 flooding and severe storms, which will promote the well-being of the community facilitating long-term recovery. The voluntary, spot basis demolition is regulated by the Community Development Block Grant for meeting the National Objective of Slum and Blight. The goal of CDBG-DR disaster funds is to support unmet housing needs, which is offered to applicants prior to the demolition of any structure.